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Judo is a rightfully popular sport all over the world. Originating from Japan, the martial art is practiced by millions from Asia to the American continent.

The Dutch judoinside.com collects and constantly updates the professional practitioners’ data and results. This is one of the world’s largest online data bank on Judo.

  • 2013
  • Structural and system design
    Graphics design
    Web programming, app development
  • www.judoinside.com
case study
Specification, tasks, development

Goals and target groups

The aim of the website and the application is to provide an overview of the sport’s professional practitioners and events. The systematically organized information is available for the audience on PC and mobile using Windows, OSX, Android, and iOS platforms.
The data accessible for the user depends on a subscription system, but some data is available for free.

  • Demonstration and update of detailed profile of professionals
  • Presentation of statistics
  • Current competitions, events
  • Judo news
Specification, tasks, development

Specification, tasks, development

The detailed specification of the page is finished based on the brief preliminary analysis.

The steps needed for the implementation have also conceived after the specification, thus tasks became easy to schedule with a focus on time.

Specification, system design

Specification, system design

Framing screen mockups

Framing screen mockups

Graphic screen designs

Graphic screen designs

Development stage, programming

Development stage, programming

Testing, refining

Testing, refining

Launch on PC and mobile platforms

The finished webpage and application is introduced to the public.



The finished website appeared on the Internet after the testing period. The mobile application developed in parallel with the webpage was introduced on the official markets, in the Apple Store and the Android Market.

  • Social media
  • Website
  • Official app markets
App Strore Android Market



Visit judoinside.com for details!

Visit www.judoinside.com to download the app for Android and iOS!

Visit www.judoinside.com to download the app for Android and iOS!

The mockup for www.judoinside.com

Mockup for www.judoinside.com

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